Put God First and Son of God DVD winner!

Son of God DVD Movie Review by My Pocketful of Thoughts
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“Thank you Father for what you bring us. Don’t worry about daily needs God will provide.  Put God first and everything else will follow.”

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Genesis 9 – The Introduction of the Death Penalty

Photo of the Gallows; Image used on My Pocketful of Thoughts as a summary of questions on Genesis 9 bringing up the death penalty. Part of the Let's Read the Bible Series.
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Does Genesis 9 give us our first glimpse of the death penalty? As I was reading this chapter in Genesis, I reread it over and over again! Did we use this Bible passage to enforce the death penalty? Do you know? I am constantly surprised at what I read. What have you been surprised to read as we read the Bible together? Continue reading Genesis 9 – The Introduction of the Death Penalty

Genesis 8 . . . the one where Noah Gets off the Boat

genesis 8 noah gets off the boat ... Part of the Let's Read the Bible Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts

In Genesis 8 we read that Noah survived the flood. The flood lasted 204 days. It took a little over a year for the earth to be completely dry from the flood water. At which God told Noah to leave the boat with his family and release all the animals so they could be fruitful and multiply throughout the Earth. What do you think Noah was thinking as he waited for the flood water to recede? Continue reading Genesis 8 . . . the one where Noah Gets off the Boat

Genesis 6. Why Noah built an ark.

genesis 6 ... why Noah Built his ArkIf God told you that he was going to destroy the earth because He was upset with how humans treated themselves and the Earth, would you believe Him? If God told you to build an Ark that would save your life and that of your families, would you build it? Those are just some of the questions that Noah had to face in Genesis 6 of the Bible. Would you do the same if you were in Noah’s shoes? Or would you Continue reading Genesis 6. Why Noah built an ark.

Genesis 3

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Today we are reading Genesis 3 from The Daily Walk Bible NLT (New Living Translation). If you’re just tuning in you can read Genesis 1 here and Genesis 2 here. You can purchase this Bible from Amazon if you haven’t yet.

Before I leave you with an excerpt and some thoughts from the guide let’s remind ourselves what we’re grateful for. I try and make this a habit every day but ESPECIALLY on Sundays because my work week starts on Monday. What are you grateful for? Continue reading Genesis 3

Don’t FORGET to Pray for the Clergy

pray for clergy

It’s official, my favorite member of the clergy at St. George’s is leaving this Monday. Over the last three years Mother Blessed Sacrament (AKA Mother) has helped me grow spiritually and emotionally. I’ve learned from her and her actions that God really does not give us anything more than we can handle! Prayer is so powerful y’all! When I would seek advice on aspects of my life that were weighing heavy on my heart, she’d reassure me that God was working it out and that she’d pray for me. This weekend I got to thinking, who prays for her? Continue reading Don’t FORGET to Pray for the Clergy

Thinking of you today Papa!

thinking of you today papa
My Abuelo on a horse visiting his home in PR circa 1980s.

Querida Papa,

I have been thinking of you a lot this last week. Last Friday, I walked with Daniel’s family during the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. It is a relay to help raise money for Cancer. They had a team goal of raising ten thousand dollars. Team Nick raised over $7,000. It was a lovely event. As we did the final laps as teams, the lights were out and the luminary bags were throwing shadows over words. People wrote sweet words on the bags to the people they were walking for. …In memory of … It dawned on me then that I hadn’t thought of you in a while. Continue reading Thinking of you today Papa!