The ONE Thing that was Missing from the Graduation Speeches. #pocketThoughts

missing from graduation speeches

I almost had a heart attack a few weeks ago when both of my sisters informed me that my niece and nephew were graduating on June 20th. I thanked God that one was in the morning and the other was in the evening. I would not have been able to choose between either! Both graduations were full of inspiring quotes and visions of bright futures but there was something missing. After thinking about it over the weekend I knew exactly what it was! Continue reading The ONE Thing that was Missing from the Graduation Speeches. #pocketThoughts

Walking with Jesus in Spirit

walking with jesus in spirit

Since the Lenten Season began, my church and many other churches around the world have begun including within its services the Stations of The Cross. Also referred to as The Scriptural Way of The Cross, it is a devotion where we walk with Jesus in spirit on his journey to Calvary. Each of the 14 stations mark a specific moment during the journey, prayers are said, and there is time for reflection. Essentially we are meditating on his sufferings and death. It brings me to tears every time. Continue reading Walking with Jesus in Spirit

March For Life …Late On Purpose

march for life ... late on purpose

January 25th 2013 marked the 40th year of the March For Life. This march is a result of the Supreme Court decision of the 1973 case that legalized abortion, Roe vs Wade. This was my first year of attendance. I was going to write about it that Sunday following but I decided not to after seeing a sign in the sidelines that indicated that the supporters of the march only care the one day of the year. NOT TRUE … so this is late on purpose. Continue reading March For Life …Late On Purpose