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Would You Let Someone Else Alter YOUR Wedding Vision?

How are you on this awesome Sunday?  I woke up this morning with a skip in my heart and a feeling of being wrapped in a Venti Signature Hot Chocolate from Starbucks.  I know you have a confused look on your face, you think, hot chocolate, really?  For me, hot chocolate is the ultimate treat!  It leaves me feeling warm.  It makes me smile.  It turns the day bright and shiny!  NO MATTER what comes up, its better somehow after drinking a hot chocolate.  I spent the last few hours of  my Saturday night in the arms of my loving boyfriend!  Like hot chocolate, he is an intoxicating drug.  Granted chocolate hasn’t been categorized as a drug, but it definitely leaves me feeling high.  Just like him.  So that is why I awoke this morning feeling like I was wrapped in hot chocolate. What leaves you feeling high?

Do you know what else makes this Sunday a great one?  My Fair Wedding with David Tutera!  While on my search for All Thing Wedding Like I came across the show on WeTV (Women’s Entertaintment). The show is about brides that have a majority of their wedding planned out and three weeks before the wedding, David steps in and revises the whole thing.  At first I thought to myself, If I am planning my wedding would I want someone else altering my vision?  No, right?  So I watched, was awed and am now hooked.  Gotta love dvr technology to catch all the episodes I’ve missed from not knowing about it.  David just has a way of helping these poor brides turn their “concept” into a magical experience to be remembered by all.  Everything is always elegant, sophisticated and creative.  I always get anxious, waiting to see how his revision will come out as everything he chooses for the bride is shown at the very end.  After watching the first episode I have definitely changed my mind.  When it comes time to start planning my wedding, David can revise it any way he wishes! 

Photo From WeTV Website

Married or single, guy or girl, you’ll love this show!  See it for yourself tonight on WeTV at 10pm/9 central and get swept up in David’s wedding revisions!  Enjoy!  Oh and follow david on twitter,!

Until then