It’s our anniversary!

happy anniversary to usToday Daniel and I our celebrating our anniversary in NYC, We’ve been counting down for months. 89 days …63 days…34 days…18 days…3 days… Why is it, as the day approaches to a big day or a vacation the time seems to sloooow down! Do you find this happens to you?

Six years ago, I was out with my friend at a work event. I don’t know if it was the beer or the high of being in Dave & Busters but at some point during the night I realized I still loved Daniel. When we were leaving the event he stopped me suddenly and kissed me. Daniel confirmed the feeling was mutual. Love was in the air and has stayed with us ever since. It grows more and more everyday. Who knew that was possible!

I can’t believe how the time has flown by! I grow more in love everyday. I wait in anticipation for our future like a kid at Christmas. I look forward to the adventures that lie before me and my partner in crime with a smile on my face. May he and I be blessed with 80 more years of love!

Today I dedicate this song to us because It’s Our Anniversary!

Have you been blessed with love? Even if it was a fleeting moment share it below to inspire us all!


Until then,


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Congratulations chica!!! I hope you guys are blessed with many more fabulous, happy, loving, wonderful years!!!

Happy Anniversary Arelis and Daniel… Hope you had the most fabulous celebration ever and here is to many more years to come. Rock on!!!

Congratulations on your anniversary and your love. It is nice to see people fall in love and stay there.

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