Epernay Bistro Fun Fridays super moms

Giving up a piece of you….

And SHE is awesome, the woman to take care of her family! The journey she takes makes her super-hero like minus the cape!  She gives of herself completely, her needs are always put on the back burner.  She is a magical healer.  She is passionate.  She is thoughtful.  She is a budgeter.  She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.  She racks her brain to make life better for those around her.  She sacrifices much.  She might be YOU!

This is a reminder to the moms, and mom-like ladies/men that take on this role, to take a day for themselves, to do whatever!  If you can’t spare a day, then at least a few hours!  
Last week my friend’s husband and I surprised my friend with a dinner date, a girl’s night out.  We had a delicious meal at Epernay Bistro in Bridgeport, CT and a yummy drink!  It’s Friday!  So make some plans to go out and have some fun, doing whatever you want to do.
Until then,
ps. drink responsibly!

*Epernay Bistro is now closed. 🙁 1/10/13