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What am I wearing to the ball?

A few weeks ago I went on a shopping expedition at the Loft.  It’s one of my favorite places to shop for the latest fashion and to find pieces that fit me well.  While I picked up a ton of great pieces, I am left wondering what will I wear to a fancy event if it comes up.  It can happen…send me an invite 🙂

Last month I stumbled across a website, Misses Dressy, that features designer dresses, talk about looking at dresses for days!  Every piece was amazing!   I imagined myself gliding across a ballroom floor in a beautiful dress towards my Prince Charming, but in my head the dress kept changing.  I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin if I had to pick one.  It’s easier when we have help, right?  Well we’re blessed today with a special guest post from Misses Dressy, who’ll be answering, What you are wearing to the next fancy affair.  Look for it this afternoon.

So….where are we going?  Let me know what fancy event you have coming up on the My Pocketful Of Thoughts FB Page or here in the comments below.

Until then,