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5 MORE Must dos Before ‘I Do’! Part Two

5 More Must Dos Before I Do

Last month I shared with you the question I get asked the most in 5 Must Dos Before ‘I Do’ and I got some great feedback. I am also happy to know that I am not alone in being asked “When are you getting married?” It seems that regardless, if you are single, involved with someone or married there seems to be a question being asked of you.


5 Must Dos Before ‘I Do’! #WeddingWednesday

5 Must Dos Before I Do

I was at an event on Monday night and a friend of mine, whom I don’t see often, saw me and pointed to her ring finger. Where’s your ring? she mouthed to me. I shrugged my shoulders and mouthed back, Not yet. If I had a dollar for every time I had this conversation for the last ten years I’d be debt free! No lie! It’s coming soon though … you’ll have to talk to Daniel about that. No don’t, because it’ll happen when it happens. In the meantime though I’ll enjoy my single status and the freedom that it implies. I’ll embrace it and start saying my happy goodbyes.

In the meantime I’ve come up with five must dos BEFORE the wedding comes: