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Couple SURVIVES after being chained together for 200 days!

Couple SURVIVES after being chained together for 200 days! Daniel and Arelis finally tied the knot on November 1st 2014. Teary eyes ran rampant among the guests present for the long awaited nuptials. The groomed sniffled throughout the ceremony and the bride had a joker grin plastered to her face. The ceremony concluded when the ball and chain were attached to the feet of the newly wed couple. After surviving a whopping 200 days of being chained together, the couple shares what has kept them from killing each other. Read on for the 2 tips that were essential to their survival.

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I can’t believe that I’ve been a married woman for 200 days. People always tend  to ask a newly married couple, How does it feel to be married? Do you feel any different? I have to admit it is different. I do feel different. Daniel and I are chained together by a spiritual link that no mortal man can break. I felt it as soon as we exchanged vows. When we kissed at the “You may now kiss the bride…”  portion of the ceremony I knew my life would never be the same. While there was no actual ball and chain being attached to our feet, he feels bound to me as I am to him. Some days I do think, Yes we survived another day. Most days though I feel blessed and I know the best days are yet to come. Bring on the next 200!

Here are two tips on surviving your first 200 days of marriage:

  1. Happy Wife, Happy Life! Quite a number of gentleman shared this tidbit of advice with Daniel in the months leading up to us saying I do. After hearing him say it for the 100th time, it got annoying BUT its true. Without meaning to, a couple will take on their roles. For every couple the roles are different. Our day flows better when I am happy. If I am upset or annoyed at something, rest assured you do NOT want to be chained to me.
  2. Silence is GOLDENLiving with someone full time is VERY VERY VERY different from dating them. The list of Pros vs Cons tips heavily in favor of Pros but when the cons pop up…. well you do not want to be chained together. For us, we find that when the other is fuming, sometimes its best to let the other cool off before saying something that would cause the volcano to erupt. We talk it through after, but silence, at that moment, is such a powerful gesture. It says, I acknowledge something is amiss and will wait patiently to address it.

Marriage is a blessing! Granted we haven’t been married long, but I am excited to have been chained to Daniel these past 200 days. We’ve survived!

What marriage advice have you heard? Is there any particular tip you would give to newlyweds like us? What’s behind you surviving as a couple?

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Congrats. My best advice: Don’t go to bed angry. Also, there’s nothing better than “makeup sex”!

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