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Who pays for the wedding?

Are you wondering who is paying for the wedding? Then you need to have this discussion! This article is part of the #Wedding Planning Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts

Do you know who is paying for your wedding? When Daniel and I had our vision session for our fall masquerade wedding, I got caught up in the fantasy of it all. I could hear the music playing, the dance floor was packed and my feet were killing me. <– I didn’t even care that my feet hurt! Daniel and I were having a blast! But after we finished doing a preliminary wedding guest list, I thought to myself how much is this all going to cost? Our count was at 225 and

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I’m Engaged! Now what?

I'm Engaged! Now what? Part of the Wedding Planning Series on My Pocketful of Thoughts; Wedding Planning, Engaged, I'm #engaged, I'm getting #married, Pinterest, Wedding Boards

I’m engaged, now what? If you are recently engaged yourself, you might be asking that very question. The answer is unfortunately not so straightforward. Everyone and their mom will give you a different answer. No really! So who’s right? Probably everyone because what comes next is individual to you and your fiancé.

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Start the New Year with Gratitude

Start the New Year with Gratitude¡Feliz año nuevo! Is it really 2014 already? I can’t believe its a new year! Where did 2013 go? Its probably under my bed with the earring I dropped on the carpeted floor and can’t find now. Yesterday I was