Genesis 11 – The Scattering of Babel

Have you ever been to Babel? I was there briefly in Chapter 11 of Genesis. It was named Babylonia when the people first settled there. They found themselves wanting to build a great city . . . “with a tower whose top may reach unto heaven.” They wanted to be famous. They wanted to stay together. So why didn’t Babylonia succeed? Read on to see what happened to Babylonia.

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Genesis 10

Name after name is called off in Genesis 10. God told Noah that his sons and family were to be fruitful and multiply. It seems that they did just that! As I was reading it though I felt like something was missing. Read on to hear my thoughts on Genesis 10. Continue reading Genesis 10

Genesis 9 – The Introduction of the Death Penalty

Photo of the Gallows; Image used on My Pocketful of Thoughts as a summary of questions on Genesis 9 bringing up the death penalty. Part of the Let's Read the Bible Series.
photo credit: lars hammar via photopin cc

Does Genesis 9 give us our first glimpse of the death penalty? As I was reading this chapter in Genesis, I reread it over and over again! Did we use this Bible passage to enforce the death penalty?┬áDo you know? I am constantly surprised at what I read. What have you been surprised to read as we read the Bible together? Continue reading Genesis 9 – The Introduction of the Death Penalty

Genesis 7. God does not give idle threats.

Genesis 7 - God does not make idle threats. The rain continued to fall for forty days and forty nights.

What’s the magic number in Genesis 7? As we read this chapter there is only one number that appears repeatedly. You guessed it! 7. It appears in the title. It appears in the number of animals God instructed Noah to put on board the boat that were approved for eating and sacrifice. It’s the number of days that took for the floods to begin after Noah and his family boarded the boat. What is the significance of the number 7 though? WHY 7? Continue reading Genesis 7. God does not give idle threats.